Generic geneticist uses powers to kill w/o escalation

Byond Account: DevL
Character Name(s): Shmoe Joe
Discord Name: DevL#2274
Round ID: 19558
Date: 2022-03-31
Griefer IC name: Sabastian Spelt

What happened:
So, shift starts and I roll black market trader blah blah steal 3 guns. Shuttle rolls around, I run into armory, steal 3 guns, and hop onto shuttle.

At this point I had a quantum spin inverter in my backpack and one in the corner of the shuttle incase someone noticed the gun on my belt. Sabastian Spelt picks up the second inverter and uses it, not knowing that it would teleport my bag to them. I get out of my seat, shove them down, take my bag, and sit back down. They’re mad because I was a dick about telling them it was my bag (“That’s my fucking bag”, or something) So they go to the bottom of the shuttle, TK grab a circular saw, and start throwing it around. It hits me 3 or 4 times, before I pick it up and throw it back at them once. They then get out a guitar, and kill me with it using TK.

Even if they knew I was a thief based off my bag, Thieves are not valid.
At no point in the round were they an antag.

Dealt with- thanks!