Getting banned by horatio22

Byond Account: Tumadrecomepicsa
Character Name(s): Raul Draudi
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): vveed#6172 (double "v")
Round ID of Ban: ID 12379
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): ban evasion Hidrogenolitiosodiopotasio123

State your appeal: So i will explain myself, today i was looking a youtube video of a youtuber named ssehtzeentach , he was reviewing a game named space station 13 and i found the game very interesting so i started downloading it, i went in a couple of servers but they were way to crouded, so i saw fulpstation and i found it perfect, i played my first round and it was pretty fun, i went afk for a couple of minutes and when i came back i was “perma banned from the server” by a admin named horatio22, i9 really have no clue cause yet it was my first time playing the game.

Here’s the full situation you tried to log in on your other account hidrogenolitiosodiopotasio123 then when when it stopped you from entering not even like 10 minutes later you come back with this new account. When asked why you were ban evading you didn’t respond.

Your original account was banned on 2020-10-16 you would have had a much easier time making an appeal for that account then just trying to ban evade. So this appeal is denied you can try to appeal the ban on your original account but you’ve half shot yourself by just trying to evade.