Give me your Station memes and stories

So Right now I’m working on a contributor project, the next set of TCG (maybe), now i got around 17 cards but i need more. So im coming to ya’ll for help tell me about, stereotypes, funny people, funny events that I can turn into cards.

A example would be like
When guil is Ce he demots everything and everyone (sorry best example i can think of dont kill me guil)

Or like
John willard being based

Things like these not just people but events.

For those who are interested this next set up TCG im calling it “Instant Fire” the primary focus of this set is instants and event cards its not a core set but more of a set to make the choices you make be able to be countered n stuff.
Im also gonna add with this set a TCG trait that allows you to keep cards shift to shift and stuff so you can keep your collection shift to shift.
(Its a work in progress the sprites still need to be done but most the “coding” is done


explain what tcg cards are for those in the back

have u tried joining the discord

why dont you try getting a job


Take pokemon, magic the gathering and yugioh and slap them all together and boom you have TCG its a card game

It would get lost in the discord

A true fulpstation moment

fulp moment

This can and will be used

Davusi Card

Man, I wish they give basic people a threads access. This way it wouldn’t get lost

It’s me



I have a file with a ton of ss13 images

that one time i became god moth

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You paid a arm and a leg for such powers. Ebic

becoming a god takes sacrifice.

I like moths but, D I E

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Screenshot (516)

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me after getting obliterated by a meteor as contractor.