Gladwyn Hawkins antag rolling

Byond Account: TheVillageStoneMason
Character Name(s): Tuyi
Discord Name: BigManMason
Round ID: Multiple
Griefer Byond account: YikeYikes
Griefer Byond name: Gladwyn Hawkins
What happened: Antag rolling over multiple rounds, which are in further detail in the following headers. Round 14875 and 14876 are the most prevalent but the other ones support these two.

Round 14659

After killing ash drake and tendrils, called for shuttle multiple times, threatening to self-antag. Whilst this isn’t against the rules, it certainly demonstrates behaviour which will support future negative behaviour.



Round 14662

Went SSD for the whole round, only 6 minutes into the round. This could be them leaving for IRL issues, which is fine; however I don’t believe this is the case.

Round 14775

Went SSD in a miner pod 30 minutes into the round. Whilst it’s unknown when they went SSD, they didn’t have much gear or ores on them, leading me to think it was quite early.

Round 14794

Went SSD 10 minutes into the shift, never coming back, similar to round 14662.

Round 14813

SSD again but unknown when they left. Similar to round 14775, they didn’t appear to have too much stuff acquired from lavaland, leaving me to assume it was quite early.

Round 14831

Died naturally as a miner to goliaths. This isn’t an offence obviously but they spent a long time complaining about the captain not calling the shuttle. They made it very clear that the captain was “griefing” by not calling the shuttle, despite the station being in a fine state. Again, this behaviour lends itself to wanting shifts to end sooner, so he can roll antag.

Round 14850

This time, rolled traitor. Unlike previous rounds, they didn’t SSD or die intentionally, showing their sudden interest when playing antagonist.

Round 14875

Died to the tram 5 minutes unto the round. After dying, admitting to antag rolling in dchat. In all honesty, this one round could just be the whole grief patrol, but all the other rounds support this behaviour is recurrent.




Round 14876

Suicided three minutes into the round, going DNR. Again, showing in dchat they were antag rolling.


I am certain I say them strapped into the mining shuttle yesterday in a side seat, too, for the entire shift. So I can attest to them SSDing for entire shifts. I’ll look into this.

Dealt with