Golemtiders again during no admin hours

Byond Account:MentalDecayed

Character Name(s): Sammael Macdougal

Discord Name: MentalDecayed#6355

Round ID:11447

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name:Plastic Golem (571)!

What happened: Murdered a lot of people on the shuttle no prompting. he was the only golem doing this

Can confirm, they killed me when I wasn’t even a target, I think its the scientist’s fault

Looking into this.

According to logs the scientist ordered you, HugoOdaX, to be killed because you killed one of the scientist’s golems previously. This was above and beyond for their objectives. On the shuttle, they ordered the golems to kill everyone. Once again, above and beyond for their objectives.

I will take the appropriate action here, thanks for the report.