Goobster's ban appeal

Byond Account: Goobster
Character Name(s): Scooter
Discord Name:Goobrilla#9680
Round ID of Ban: 11078
Ban Message:
State your appeal: I shoved a guy who was saying he was gonna kill people, he attacked me with a chainsaw and tried to kill me. I went and healed and threw a glass at him, He tried to kill me again and after that i healed and attacked him once with the scalpel, he proceeded to kill me and i got banned after.

If you would like this appeal to be considered, you need to put it in the correct format.

Sorry, fixed the format.

After looking into this, the logs show you attacking him with a scalpel only after he repeatedly attacked you with a chainsaw. Your actions were in line with our escalation clause 1, so the ban has been removed, and the other party’s ban has been edited to note the repeated attacks.

You should be able to log back into the server now!