Goop Sploinky's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Goop Sploinky
Character Name(s): George Curious
Round ID of Ban: 12465
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Reason: As a non-antag bartender you killed the chef for no reason at all and attempted to gib but I aprisoned you before it happened. In the ahelp you kept saying this is “roleplay” when it is clearly not. Normally this would be a note but your blatant knowledge of wrongdoing is turning into a 3 day ban. Please read the rules by the time youre back. This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 3 days. The round ID is 12465.

State your appeal:

For yes, I did kill the chef, I am guilty of the murder, is it really an offense? as that type of behaviors is fairly common and fun game. They state how it’s not roleplay, when the victim did anger my character, and I also had the apathetic trait, logically making these sort of actions understandable in the least. I would believe it would fall under roleplay, since with this these actions, causes consequences, having officers on my tail and everybody doing their part of “oh there’s a murder!” and so on. These sorts of things happened a lot with non-antag players and it makes the game fun and thrilling, Your admin insisted that it wasn’t roleplay, when I fairly see it as a very played out scenario you could say. Not only has your admin not denied this fact but many and many others told me so, people/players that are: Officers, Borgs, (or any other form of law or roles with high morality) have a certain code that they have to be the “good guys” and such, how they have a code to follow and never break it, but when it comes to other roles, in this instance a bartender, they’re neutral, they can be pretty much a “wild kid” who knows if the stranger could be a friend or foe, having to watch your back but at the same time trusting the bartender for a safe drink, or a chef for un poisoned food, we all have a job to do, but we also have neutral moralities. Anyways, at this point I feel like I’m repeating myself and I also wish to hear a reply, I would be happy to discuss about anything and see how this goes.

You should go read the server rules, there is nothing about this “Neutrality” you are talking about.
Self antag is against the rules, refusing to understand this and looking for RP excuses to break the server rules because your character has the apathetic trait won’t help you in any way.