Got banned for asking a question how do I seek help from a third party

Asked a question regarding a topic that had me banned before and wanted to be sure about something and got banned by the same person who responded to my last ban appeal.

No warning no nothing…just banned and silenced. The other mods didn’t have any problem with it but the sight of me asking that question just ticked them off for some reason.

Even stopped playing and being active on the discord to let the tension fade away. Bruh

Question wasn’t rude and wasn’t even directed to them. (Infact I was hoping someone else except her would see it and respond to me)

I’m being very respectful here, if you’re gonna respond back please do respond respectfully too. (Referring to the admin ) this post was me basically venting my frustration but the main point is me asking how to I could settle this with a third party.

As was stated in a reply to your earlier post you can appeal your ban at:

Appeals are never handled by the person who banned you.

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