Grass' (ronald) Contr*butor app

Byond Account: GrassyLands
Character Name(s): Ronald Todd, Ronaldium V
Discord Name: thesky#5019
Age: 19 (birthday in 3 days)
How long have you played on Fulpstation?:

Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!
Fixes mothic pizza slicing: Fixes mothic garlic pizza not producing the correct slice on slicing by SomethingFish · Pull Request #67773 · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub
Spring rolls: Adds springrolls by SomethingFish · Pull Request #70119 · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub

also i helped people with code


laugh at my fucking spring rolls calling it burrito FUCK YOU DIE


bro deadass said these were spring rolls :skull:

My reaction to this information (+1)


+1 added burritos

Can you add ravioli

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can you add rigatoni

can you add empanadas

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spring rolls

i also +1 this! #gulpstation represent :stuffed_flatbread: :green_salad: :shallow_pan_of_food: :canned_food: :pancakes: :bacon: :egg:

shepard of pies +1

This app has been accepted! Welcome to the contributor team!