Greenshift moment

Byond Account: Googa_simulator
Character Name(s): Lia Starr
Discord Name: Googa_simulator
Round ID: 25651
Date: 2023-04-26
Griefer IC name: Rodrigo Pfeifer, Plasteel Golem 14, 219, 348, 522, 387, 676
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: about 5 minutes until the shuttle was about to dock Rodrigo made golems in sci and ordered them all to “protect” him which meant killing anyone who got anywhere near him, this included killing me while I was trying to save a crit person and they continued to attack people and instigate fights randomly continuing to the shuttle with them claiming this was to protect their master despite no one even touching him, also someone plasmaflooded the entire station

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Hi, I am truly sorry that my golems ended up doing this. It was the first time I had tried making multible golems like this, and i tried to tell them multible times that they could only attack people If the person had attacked me first. But sadly, it turns out that when people turn into golems they think that the base rules of the game doesnt applie to them. I must have told them to stopp attacking people dozens of times, but to no avail. This is also why i no longer make golems in large amounts (one golem per importat person such as captin) as it does not end well when golems are in groups.


ok, sorry this has been sitting open for almost 2 weeks. This has been handled now!

As always, thanks for the report.