Greif Patrol: Random killing and demoting

Byond Account: Nivrak

Character Name(s): Neon Musk

Discord Name: Nivrak

Round ID: I… Do not know

Griefer Byond account: Don’t know

Griefer Byond name: Don’t know (All I know in game name is Neon Musk)

What happened:
Neon Musk was the CE at the start of the round and said “I set up SM alone”
Then when I try to setup the SM (Because it’s a fucking team game not a solo game) he flashes me, Cable cuff me and demotes me, I said that on comms and he got arrested (He was not an antagonist) so they freed him
Meanwhile I go to HoP because he stole my ID when I come back I see him cuffing another guy for no reason so I help that guy so Neon flashes me again and takes my ID again

Then feeds me some pill and I die

Heres the RoundID 10195. I was the CE.

Firstly your Greif template is shit, you have my characters name instead of yours. You dont have the Round ID, which its the most imported part of the whole template, with out the Round ID the admins will have no way to tell if your lying or not(Which you are, maybe thats why you dont have the RoundID).

What happend:
So I start the round off by saying “I will set up SM alone” over the engineering radio. I get all my stuff from the locker and head to set up the SM, and what do I see, this fucker seting it up, so I ask him if he heard what I said over the radio, he says yes then states: “I’m a team player”. And continuse to set up the SM. So I flashed him then cable cuffed him, and took him to my office to demoted him(for insubordination). The captain comes in because while I was doing all this he was yelling over the radio (“The CE is a traitor, he kidnapped me”). So the captain comes stun locks me, mean while hes ID was in the console, I get drag to sec they searched me and find nothing(of course), I go back to engineering, and guess what I see some one else fucking with the SM, an other engineer I ask him to stop, and he says no too. So I cuff him , and demoted him(for insubordination) with out the captain coming to stun lock me. I give him his new demoted ID back, and release him out side of engineering. Then this fucker comes back, and we get into a quick shoving match with him, and with a random a sec officer who changes side every second, stun batoning me than him, till we cuff him. The he breaks free from the cuffs and runs away with the guy I demoted. I did not feed him any pills hes just fucking lying to make me look like the worst person in the world.

So as a conclusion, hes didn’t listen to CE his boss, and then want on the forums to lie.

Yea sure I went on the forums and made an account just because I wanted to ruin the day for a specific guy when I’ve bee playing for over a year, You’re the only player so far that made me do anything like that and you’re only making yourself stupid with your post, Never heard of a CE that it demoting its engineers for doing their job, Even if you want to set it up alone, Saying it once and then flashing and demoting your engineers is not a way to do things, I don’t think it’s an accident 2 engineers got attacked by this guy.

Also I am quoting from Cheif Engineers duties: “Coordinate engineering” coordinating engineering is certainly not demoting your engineers for doing their jobs, If you don’t agree with that you shouldn’t be playing as CE.

Thanks for the ID,

Attacked is a funny word to use considering they were not listening to there boss, with can be taken as self antaging. The engineers first job is to listen to the CE, and if he tells you to stop then you stop. So you were not doing your main job.

And me saying that I will set up the SM alone, does count as “Coordinate engineering”, you dumn ass. Instead of disobeying my wishes you could have asked me what to do if you wanted to set up the SM, and didn’t know how to start the round without setting up the SM.

If you can’t follow your main job, which is to follow the CE orders then I think that you shouldn’t be playing as an engineer.

Keep lying to yourself. I don’t mind :rofl:

Also let me quote server rules
" 1.1. These roles must exhibit some competency . Lack of this can result in a job ban. Command roles are designed to lead and manage departments first and do second. They are not intended to become do-it-all members of their departments."

You might have got me in the last part of that rule, but you still cant tiptoe around the fact that you disobeyed your heads order, you should have asked “why?” I want to set up the SM alone or at least some thing alone does lines, you can’t just repail with “Im team player”, and keep seting up the SM.

I didn’t say I am a team player I said it’s a team game, You also should not have immediately flashed and cuffed me, At least explain, Use brute force as your last option (At least with your department).

Still trying to tiptoe around the disobeying heads orders?

To be fair yes I should have given you one more warning to stop. But you should have still stop not repalid with a “it’s a team game”, and keep going. Still counts as insubordination.

And why exactly would you want to set it up alone and not get help from your team? I admit, It was a insubordination, But your Crime vs Punishment scheme isn’t quite hinged.

Not to add to the spam, but you DONT need to add pictures of previous versions of a post. Edit history is stored and visible to all members. A admin should lock this as clearly this isn’t gonna stop anytime soon.

No one know how to set up the SM correctly, Iv seem maybe 3 people set it up correctly.

I’ll listen to TheA1ternative but just finish with if you always do it alone you don’t give any chance to newer players to learn the game (Which I am not and I fully know how to setup the SM, also one of CE’s jobs is to teach new crewmates)

Could you have said this at the start? If you would have said that over “it’s a team game”, maybe we wouldn’t be here right now. This all started for your insubordination, and my over reaction to the insubordination.

If some admin would get the logs I think we can come to an understanding but we should leave it to them now.

fine, we will let the admins decide whos right.

Looking into it.

Dealt with.