Greifing and murdering as a borg

Byond Account:Idontcarear
Character Name(s):Richard Billyham
Discord Name:Richard Billyham
Round ID: Richard Billyham
Date: 1/9/2022
Griefer IC name:Default Android-524
Griefer Byond account (if known): fergiefan

What happened: I was an engineer and I have found someone board the whiteship into the qhiteship dock. There is a leak on in the hallway and I went in with the said android. The android suddenly move the ship without saying a word, therefore I went to the whiteship bridge and try to dock it to the original location.

Then the andriod shocked the door and power off the apc in order tro trap me.
When it is unsuccessful grieving me my trapping me, it attacked me and eventually murdered me and throw my body in lavaland.

The said android is not malfunctioning and it laws should prevent me from murdering by it.

Richard Billyham is not a round id so please fix this so i can look into it properly

i do believe i found the correct round id which is 22002. please make sure to be posting proper round id in the future.

this person was actually perma banned through another interaction so this was handled. thanks for the report!