Greytide Assitant Assault

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): ANGEL
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 9949
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Kailey Barnes
What happened:

Playing as a medborg, I was in the process of assisting a new player when assistant Kailey Barnes came up to me and randomly starting hitting me with a fire extinguisher. I flashed him and dragged him to sec, but he persisted with this behavior after first escaping prison, then being released.

Same player proceeded to harass Chem for thermite and break multiple windows when they rightfully told him to shoo.

Non-antag assaulting borgs for no reason is not okay. Greytiding is not okay.

Situation was reported in-game via ahelp but no admins were around. T’was like 5:00a EST so, cant say I blame y’all.

Sorted! Sorry about the really late reply to this.