Grief patrol - 22185

Byond Account:Sheets
Character Name(s): Eva Trounce
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID:22185
Griefer IC name: Punished armstrong
Griefer Byond account (if known): Dr_canes

What happened:
I was the captain in cargo and saw them start handing out gatfruits to people at random, so i batonned them, took their bag and told them to stop, they then threw a tantrum saying im breaking the fulp rules and calling me a griefer IC. I was originally going to let them off with a warning and just take the gatfruits, but after this I decided to perma them (for literally giving out 357s), they did not stop ock icking about me griefing them for the rest of the round (and after the round in OOC)
They then proceeded to escape perma to go get more gatfruits & came back on the shuttle with another bag full of gafruits, i didnt see them until EORG though but they were still crying about how i was a griefer.

this has been handed. thanks for the report!