Grief patrol 23452

Byond Account: Musko
Character Name(s): Walter
Discord Name: NA
Round ID: 23452
Date: 12-7-2022
Griefer IC name: Dick Reckard and some other person who was a Chaplain with a katana
Griefer Byond account (if known): NA

What happened:
At round start I arrested Dick Reckard because they broke into Cargo, so when I processed them they started just going off on me with insults and threats, I didn’t have a problem with the insults or threats, BUT then started talking about how a Captain did a similar thing to him and got a 3 day ban for killing the cap with a maxcap, and bragged about not “regretting it at all” so he was going to do the same with me.

Later in the round he makes a mech, comes to brig and breaks the walls trying to find me. (He never really got to me because I kept my distance, and ran around the station dealing with other stuff)

Dick Reckard is a fellow I always see self antagonizing here and there (The few times I play as security) so it’s especially frustrating when even they are bragging about their ban and getting away with it, to then do it again.

                               ^^^ Them Bragging ^^^

AS FOR THE OTHER SHITTER, we had a Chaplain who’s name I didn’t quite get, was trying to help an infiltrator who was in my custody by grabbing them and running away.
We ended up in botany where I just tried to grab the infiltrator back. We scuffle a little, commenced shoving each-other until the Chaplain started attacking me with their katana, putting me in crit. Ending up losing the Infiltrator.
(They did not show up in the round end at all so I assume they were just being a shitter for no reason)

I did not think to get a screenshot of the Chaplain since I was dealing with antags left and right, and in the heat of the moment it slipped my mind. So yeah :(

This was dealt with ingame as other people ahelped this, please actually report issues ingame even if there is no staff online.