Grief patrol 31601

Byond Account:Sheets
Character Name(s): Eva Trounce
Discord Name: Sheets
Round ID:31601
Griefer IC name:UNtrIX
Griefer Byond account (if known):Dan2wik

What happened:

The borg came up to me in med bay while i was treating a patient, scanned me with a health scanner then began spamming the trigger words for my phobia while completely ignoring me asking them to state their laws. I went to look for security but the only officer I could find was literally in the process of being murdered by assistants, I then to robotics instead to look for someone, looked inside science for the RD and found absolutely noone. So i took it upon my self to flash and threw it into space it as i had assumed it was malf (I know this is against the rules to space them but i was frustrated as it was my first round back in months and wanted to actually talk to people and play MD).

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