Grief Patrol: Beaten and lockled in cell by sociopathic sec guard for 30 min

Byond Account:Jester293
Charcter Name: Muh Dick (I stole this name from a Sseth video dont mean any harm)
Discord Name:Jester#7303
Round ID: 10419
Griegefer byond account: I dont know
Griefer Byond name: Johhny Silverhands

I was walking around looking for engineering, i wanted to enter a room where our hero security guard Johnny was standing, he told me to move, and shoved me, eventho he was blocking the door, i got in and then said something like “wait isnt that johhny cringerhands?” he got mad after that and started to beat me with a baton, i didnt resist, or fightback, only ran, after he beaten me half dead he arrested me, took me in a cell and left me there for 30 MINUTES straight, he kept coming back to spew some not very nice things at me, i didnt even insult him as far as i can remember except calling him cringerhands, the guy looked very sociopathic, please look into the case so he wont be able to abuse sec power anymore.

Edit: and if you want to ban me too for that character name i can fully understand that too

Alright, hello there! I was looking into your grief report, and apparently you entered the courtroom, and not engineering. It’s alright, we’ve all been new, you should definitely get yourself a better name next time you hop on though. Either way, the issue has been dealt with, thank you for your report!