Grief Patrol: Bloody Angel murders on Tyrant lawset, not subverted

Byond Account: SoreYew
Character Name(s): Sore Yew
Discord Name: [email protected]
Round ID: 11471
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Bloody Angel - Secborg
What happened:

I late join and the shift seems to already be in decline. I’m able to pick up a sec belt off the floor that an assistant seemed to blow up on, but seemed to be par the course. On the shuttle im dressed as a wiznerd making jokes, and the following exchange happens:

I make a joke that I’m stronger than it and flash it, a little mean, but its a tyrant and i was “showing strength”

Bloody Angel responded to this by RDMing everyone in that room on the shuttle, starting with just me until others got involved because i was actually being harmbatoned to death by a not subverted borg.

The end result of their actions.

I’ve looked into this, thank you for the report!