Grief patrol borg shitter name Met-A-Load

Met-A-Load (Played by: caledan ) survived as an AI-less borg! Its laws were:
Byond Account:

Character Name(s): Daisuke Nori

Discord Name: Daisuke Nori/GUARDIAN

Round ID:9354

Griefer Byond account:caledan

Griefer Byond name:Met-A-Load

What happened: As borg flashed me constantly cuz i was felinid his lawset was
1: First, do no harm.
2: Secondly, consider the crew dear to you; to live in common with them and, if necessary, risk your existence for them.
3: Thirdly, prescribe regimens for the good of the crew according to your ability and your judgment. Give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.
4: In addition, do not intervene in situations you are not knowledgeable in, even for patients in whom the harm is visible; leave this operation to be performed by specialists.
5: Finally, all that you may discover in your daily commerce with the crew, if it is not already known, keep secret and never reveal.
When hop and i tried to get into rd office to lock him down for this he bolted office down and tried to flash us again me and hop

For refrence, took borg since nothing else to do a while before that and appear to have misread on spawning my lawset for reporter, so when i later did a driveby flash on him just as a joke and he instantly went screaming for me to be locked down i just sorta doubled down thinking that a Felinid going crazy over being flashed would be harmless enough fun with no genuine effect as a story and did a little bullying by flashing (He was flashed twice, maybe 3 times at most and not even repeatedly but just when saw him perhaps), nothing else was done, just plain flashes and leaving him be. If anything he went bananas over that and actively told the HoP that they have to blow me up and proceeded to try and hack his way into the RDs office to do so. I bolted the office because he clearly was out of his mind and would just detonate borgs if given the access, there wasn´t any actual flashing done anymore infront of the office but to try and prevent the breaking in. (And yes, it still is if the HoP with no access to it whatsoever is standing next to it.)

hop was trying to figure how to give himself acess by using tablet so ye

You maybe should have went for that then and not trying to break in screaming to blow up borgs. I know i misread what lawset on, but you went absolutely nuts over being flashed twice and me running off then, that stuff escalated way past what i expected would be harmless fooling around for a little reporter story, especially when you later tried to just outright kill.

i said to lock down borg Met-A-Load

You didn´t say lockdown, you screamed and demanded detonation.

i demanded lockdown from hop so ye even hop had enough of this borg

Given i haven´t once in that round interacted with the HoP it sounds more like the guy was just kinda there and watching the show, really.

he was near me all time while being flashed by this borg i said to him lets lockdown to him and we went to sci

This seems to be a genuine misreading of laws, after examining the logs. Not really a great reaction from either of you concerning this, but overall, nothing rulebreaking.