Grief Patrol: Boris Potatov

Byond Account: Likteer

Character Name(s): Likteer

Discord Name: Likteer

Round ID: 10576

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Boris Potatov

What happened:

I was hacking into botany for an extended capacity water tank (holy water smoke machine) - didn’t see anyone inside.
Immediately attacked, my explanations ignored.

I then enter through maintenance, it didn’t seem like much room for discussion. Despite no signs of agression, I get cut down with a hatchet upon entry.

My welder and insulated gloves are stolen for personal use, my body stuffed inside a locker.
The offender proceeeds to lie to his colleague that I “could have just asked”, which I did, the gloves are later used by a newbie cultist to annoy them.

Please only reply if you have information related to the round to add. General comments are useless for the person handling the patrol and will be deleted.

Looking into it.

Dealt with.