Grief Patrol: Captain kills me for lying down in sec watching

Byond Account: Sheets

Character Name(s): Jed Joshek

Discord Name:Sheets#6667

Round ID:9659

Griefer Byond account: ???

Griefer Byond name: Duke

What happened: Walked into sec, after watching some shenanigans with a cargo tech, cap comes in, ive been afk watching for a while. He flashes me and drags me out, stealing my beer goggles. Later i come back and he hardcrits me with his sabre and i die while hos is taking me to medical. After my ahelp gets marked IC i come back and he sends me to the gulag, all done without saying a word.

EDIT: almost forgot this

Hi! Seems like this one was handled in round. If you have an issue with another staff member’s ruling, then you should file a staff report, not a grief report.

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