Grief Patrol: CE + Rogue Deputy with Warden ID actively gasflood station

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Bitch SuperMagnet
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 10614
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Danica (forget last name), Cameron Crayfish

What happened:

Danica as a deputy (using a stolen warden ID) breaks into engineering and fully opens n2 and n2o canisters in engineering right in full view of my cameras. As I’m keeping the stinky Danica (who I presume is syndicate) in the room, CE named Cameron Crayfish lets him out and actively opens more doors so the n2 and n2o spread.

This is done right in full view of me watching them from my cams. CE keeps pretending that he doesn’t know who did it, doesn’t realize the rogue deputy did it and pretends as if he was fixing it despite opening more doors to let it out.

Deputy escapes out of my view and CE is eventually arrested. Keeps pretending he had nothing to do with despite actively aiding the deputy in gasflooding the station and letting them escape. Takes credit for fixing the gasflood despite the fact that other engineers were fixing it, not him.

It’s not like it was an accident either, they were around each other for several comfortable minutes. Deputy did not run from CE so I assumed that end round report would show them as antags.

Blob wins, they were not antags. They actively n2+n2o flooded the station while we were fighting blob.

PS: Engineering Android-201 helped them both but was malf to a different AI so I have no idea what their orders were.

CE here, genuinely missed you saying the deputy was a saboteur, which I apologise for. I was working my way round to the SM SMES room to see if they were at max output as my emitters weren’t firing at the blob, but the doors were bolted and electrified (For what I now understand was to contain the deputy) so I removed the window and console above the containment room to get around it.
The opening doors was temporary, I did eventually get back out into the hallways and foyer, setting the air alarms to ‘contaminated’ operating mode.

In summary, I wasn’t trying to help the deputy, I was just really, really oblivious and stupid

The containment was twofold, to contain the deputy AND the gas canisters the Deputy opened to maximum.

I had stated over several times to you on engie comms to NOT assist them as it did lead to a much larger leakage of gas than it needed to be.

After you had freed him you two were around each other for so long despite the fact I told you “dude what are you doing? He caused this” several times over radio that I had presumed you were his accomplice.

Despite the fact that I repeated it to the point where I was sounding like a broken record; with what you’ve written just now it seems I did misread some of your messages as malicious sarcasm rather than actual genuine confusion. You were not 100% responsible, but definitely not helpful either as had you not interfered, that gas might’ve stayed contained and that person would not have gotten away scott-free.

So for that, I apologize for yelling at you and yelling at security to arrest you. This is really a lesson to just listen to comms when AI/Command is saying something to you (and better communication on both of our ends).

Fuck that deputy though.

Yeah, agreed

Sorted this out, thanks for the report.