Grief Patrol - Clinginess to AI

Round ID - 11484
Byond username - Twox
Character - N.A.G.A.T.H.A 2.0
Griefer - John Willard / Johnaume H. Willard

Comes up to me near roundstart as the Hop asking to take me to his office, I accept and some fun is had with it, I get subverted to help steal runtime and kill a person - do that, John does a random check on me as he has been doing and saw law 0, instantly, according to him, rushing off the the uploads without even checking the law to fix me. He had to ask me for the name of the subverter which was blatantly in the law.

Round goes on and I get subverted again, this time to kill all humans - I manage to get John away from me for a minute to get back to my satellite - on which I then proceeded to open the turbine on an engineer and coordinate genocide with my borgs - I get admin messaged by the active mod to let me know I can only kill the designated target, the SSD person outside of chemistry - I then have to begin ordering all my borgs to stop their murder plans and address confusion.

He resets me again after noticing I was back in my core and I banter a bit, he demands I go back to his office, to which I oblige not wanting him to think I’m still subverted after recent events - after this he begins dragging me literally everywhere he goes, to the brig to do whatever, to robotics to hand in a disabled borg, Always keeping a purge and reporter board on him which he used every odd minute - I couldn’t even coordinate anything subverted or not since we were getting changed every minute.

Get subverted on and off for a few seconds at a time - first few times was “have fun” which I ahelped to no avail, the 2nd was to announce friendship and I have never seen someone go to one target so fast. - ended up asking if I could kill John next time I was subverted and was told no.

Anyway, borg comes rushing to brig after I complain more in robotic chat since he didn’t pick up on the most recent lawchange, and John murders him after I try to explain to the borg.
Something, something, he decides to card me so I can never get subverted again, and that card is where I stayed for the entire round until I got bored and suicided when shuttle came.

He tried to justify by saying it is his job and he has access to it. Not once did he himself inform the RD of any of this.
Also tried to justify it by telling me this was the “only way” to keep me unsubverted after carding me for the rest of the shift. - again, he made no attempt to contact the RD or anyone on that field, nor an attempt to move my uploads, disable my access to my upload turrets, ext.

I’m even more pissed because this was.
A - a round where the captain gave me nice freeform laws that I and my borgs were enjoying, which were constantly removed before we could do anything fun until captain gave up.
And B - He’s caused grief to me in previous, unrelated AI rounds.

He’s always complaining that he “hates all silicons” and that “they should be nerfed to the ground” when half of the time he’s the shit person with them.

I knew that John is a regular, longtime player and thought he would be above basic grief.

given that the name is “Johnaume H. Willard” and knowing the relationships between some of the regulars, it’s more than possible this wasn’t actually john and was someone else joking around with the name, although it could be john given the history you mention in the later half

No, it is John, look on the Discord.

sorry didn’t notice, disregard the earlier reply

Get subverted on and off for a few seconds at a time - first few times was “have fun” which I ahelped to no avail

  • sorry, I did reply eventually but had a lotta tickets. I said something like fun is very vague so please just have fun within the server rules, and don’t harm people. The guy that was subverting you was antag but he only had one person as target - that person he named alongside the kill all humans thing.

That being said, I’m letting someone with more experience handle this. I hope your future rounds go smoother!

Oh and thanks for ahelping both times instead of killing everyone. Very cool! :+1:

Roundstart, the CE yelled that the AI upload board was stolen, so as the HoP (so someone with access specifically so they can help in thses types of situations) I take the AI’s core and move them to my office, in case of subversions. Later in the round the CE announced that the missing AI upload board was found and returned, and when I offered several times to move back to the core, the AI refused every time. It later turned out that they were subverted anyways, so I unsubverted them. Since I knew that people are trying to subvert the AI, the only way to prevent it is by having an easy way to unsubvert, or having them in an intellicard. Since you can slap AI cores to upload laws, I said that would be the easiest way, so I decided to just babysit the AI’s core in case of subversions as I wait for Security to catch the guy subverting him (who I had already set to arrest). After a while and after several subversion attempts, they get mad at me about how I should’ve instead just let them get subverted because they dont like being constantly unsubverted.

I also did invite the RD to come to the bridge to get involved, but it was too close to shuttle at the time so they decided not to intervene. I told the RD about silicon getting subverted and had even gotten permission from the RD themselves for me to give myself robotics access since secborgs attacked me several times throughout the round.

I don’t like constantly having laws purged when I’m given freeform laws
I don’t like constantly being dragged around in sometimes VERY public spaces
I don’t like sitting in an intellicard a quarter of a shift because SOMEONE wanted to protect me.
Don’t try to twist this to me wanting to be subverted, there wasn’t much to do, even so.

There were some emagged borgs that you told me about that I saw to, but those were unrelated incidents.

I got mad at you mostly for carding me for some of the shift while I couldn’t do anything else other than complain on comms.
I was a reporter AI too, so I could hardly do my job myself.

You not liking something doesn’t change the fact that someone was still constantly trying to subvert you, Silicon subversions is all of Command’s problem because it affects everyone. Since I was the HoP, I knew I was mostly gonna be sitting in my office, so it would be easiest for me to watch over your laws, rather than the RD. I was only unsubverting you, because I dont have authority to change your lawset, which is why I kept you Reporter. Without the AI’s core, it’s incredibly easy to stop Command from unsubverting. It’s not like I would run to build an AI upload in maint as a HoP, so you can just send a Secborg over to arrest me (which you did on one of the subversion attempts, and I just barely managed to unsubvert you and prevent my own death)

I was only subverted to what you would of known, twice. Once on the random check you did and once when I moved myself back to my satellite. Near back to back.
After that, I occasionally was subverted to
“have fun”
And “Say you have been subverted to say X is your friend”
I don’t believe you ever read what laws they were giving me, for starters, nor did half the time you know for a fact I was subverted since you were resetting my laws every minute.
And yes, keeping the AI carded does disrupt the round.
I do remember you getting jumped in the library since they wanted to get the AI back themselves, which goes back to the point of dragging the AI around everywhere, even in very public places.

Any subversion is still a subversion and is still all of Command’s problem, I purposely left you in your core with the ocassional law check specifically so it wouldn’t disrupt your round as much. You main AI, but then you dont expect the round to change for you depending on the behaviors of antags? I didnt even know purging got rid of hacked modules until a few months ago, I would’ve just left you dead and built a new AI after the first subversion because I only found that out from digging through code and near no one else knew it either

I’m more than happy to adapt to the situation, but not when it comes at the cost of my, and to some extent the borgs, rounds.

I don’t mind being unsubverted, I do mind having my round put on a pause while you aimlessly run around the station.

How does it put your round on pause, you can still do AI things while your core is being moved.

Referring to the carding,

those literally last half a second and your cameras are put right back to where they were before, it is in no way putting your round on pause

I meant you carding me for the rest of the round?

2 minutes before evac arrived? When it literally doesnt matter because the round is almost over, and to prevent last second subversions?

It isnt putting your round on pause, because the round is already over. There’s no round to pause, evac was literally 2 minutes away.

I’ve looked into this, thank you for the report!