Grief Patrol: Command Incompotency

Byond Account: exymian

Character Name(s): Mehmed

Discord Name: Exymian#9483

Round ID: 11044

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: Viktor Blasinski(Captain), HoP and the command that early launched.

What Happened:

Most of the round HoP didn’t do their job or attend their office as it was broke in twice and he never came back. Him and other command kept shitposting in common radio that jack was a ling and that he can absorb them if he does their job when he wasn’t even a changeling.

After that, the captain called the shuttle for a vibe check; His shuttle call reasoning was along the lines of “if the station isn’t shit yell recall”. The objective wasn’t built, nobody asked. After i told hop to recall from the window in bridge, HoP metagamed and for some reason said “Hey traitor wants a recall yes or no?” and the captain agreed to it but the HoP didn’t recall.

When the shuttle arrived, they early launched 4noraisin.

I also forgot to mention HoP blatantly metagaming again by saying; “Jack why do you need sunglasses just buy augmented vision”.

It may not have been the hop but i am 90% sure. Checking would be better though.

I also saw the whole thing, I was building the BSA and it was about to be done, we just needed some materials to finish it, and then the shuttle got called for an unknown reason. I also remember someone telling Jack to “buy augmented vision”, althought Jack wasn’t even a ling and he literally did nothing and almost got killed for that unjustified accusation.
Also the early launch, had no reason to be.

All taken care of next time try to get both peoples names so its a little easier to look into