Grief Patrol: Constant Ick ock

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Victor Vahn
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 13094
Griefer Byond account: Epic Games Gamer
Griefer Byond name: ???
What happened:

Ick ocked based on a singulo that appeared and disappeared, confusing a lot of ghost spectators who were notified about it. Obviously not known to the rest of the players on the station.

Then he ick ocks again about the golem ship:

And then since the user has a metagrudge on me, he ick ocks that Iā€™m a traitor despite the fact that I was observing the round AND that it was a greenshift.

Epic Games Gamer: its not ic ooc if its true

They are gone

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