Grief Patrol EgorDinamit (Jeff Kanei)

Byond Account:krzysztof333
Character Name(s):Alucard Hellsing
Discord Name:Awucawd Hewwsing
Round ID:10111
Griefer Byond account:EgorDinamit
Griefer Byond name:Jeff Kanei
What happened:So Jeff Kanei meta grudge me he was a traitor with no objective to kill me or any other roboticist he rushed into robo with rd armor and hidden stun bat cuffed me and other robos saved me he also planted later syndi bomb that didnt explode cuz other roboticist mehmed got it. Also later he said this in ooc OOC: EgorDinamit: I attacked you because of le funny mechs.

My reason to detain you were indeed combat mechs, that you can easily kill me with.
Syndi bomb was planted to rather scare you(or to use unneeded item, it was from the surplus crate), so I can get away after you got into your combat mech and shot me to ~10%HP.

Forgot to mention, roboticists discovered my emagged borgs so I definitely had to save them and get rid of people that keep yelling “Jeff Kanei, in [location] wearing RD’s armour, emagged borgs”.

good to know im mech now

Sorted, thanks for the report!