Grief Patrol: Golem decides to kill people

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): The goliath (or “goliath”)
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 10070
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Silver Golem 635

What happened:

Golem is given rules to “do whatever” and decides to kill people. I see him constantly hitting a body and decide to question him. To quote the golem when asked by me (goliath) why he was killing a scientist in the science dept:

My creator told me that i can do whatever i want
That I am free
And so i decidet to kill him
I didn’t like how he looked at me

Got an image of it too, ahelped it and got no response.This should be an open-shut case.

Taken care of, thanks for the report! Very incredibly sorry for the very incredibly long wait.