Grief Patrol: Incompotent HoP

Byond Account: papaporopaprito

Character Name(s): Papaporo Paprito

Discord Name: Papaporo Paprito

Round ID: 9741

Griefer Byond account: ???

Griefer name: Joshu Higashikata

What happened: I was the captain and Joshu Higashikata was the HoP. At the start of the round they were already trying to hand out AA to people for “dancing good” if i remember correctly. Had to threaten a demotion to make him stop but i dont know if anyone got AA by the end.
Further on they continuously ignored any orders and were barely at their hop line as people kept asking me to go there instead due to his absence despite the calls to his office.
They bought a shuttle without permission (which also meant they gave themselves all access, which is already something hop’s shouldnt do) which i had to message centcom about since that shuttle wouldnt be able to hold our larger crew. Also said they “needed” the all access they gave themselves, which is just not true at all, but they left before they would explain it.
Finally they reportedly used multiple id’s to early launch the shuttle (though i was unconscious so i cant confirm that). We were on blue alert and only shortly before that green alert so there was no threat to launch early on and it left a lot of people behind for no reason.

In short: HoP who doesnt understand, or simply ignored his job, abused his access and refused to work with command. Primarily spent his time collecting money for himself.

Appropriate action has been taken. Thanks again for reporting it.