Grief patrol: Judas Loan, Ricky Bamboozle, HAL 9000

Byond Account:Sheets

Character Name(s):Jed Joshek

Discord Name: Sheets#6667

Round ID:11193

Griefer Names: HAL 9000, Ricky Bamboozle, Judas Loan

Griefer Byond account: N/A

What happened:
I latejoined as CE and say on command comms “hey hey people”, before I can even get to engineering, the ai, HAL 9000, has already set me under arrest and has been yelling on sec comms to arrest me, I go to the bridge to see why the fuck ive been set to arrest before I can even get to my office and a beepsky gets me, the cap, Ricky Bamboozle, drags and bucklecuffs me in his office and says “this is what you get for being a ssethtider”, after resisting out and leaving, the hop, Judas Loan, with sechuds walks in and batons me without saying anything, after I get back up from the stamcrit I baton him and try leave the bridge to go to engineering, the hop chases me and tries to egun me, shoots twice on stun then changes to lethals, so I turn around and baton him to stamcrit and start breaking his legs, naturally. The cap walks back in and I try de escalate the situation after stamcritting them too but they both get back up and immediately try lethal me, meanwhile the ai has been screaming on sec comms for the entire security department to come lynch me, all with robocop laws, at this point I just step away and watch a space shark drag me into space and manage to drop the heat before bringing me to med. After running around for a bit and clearing my sec record, a blob spawns in perma I go to try help kill it and the cap sees me, i try to de escalate again to which he says “someone flash him!” so after disarming a sec officer, Asher Goebbels, they start punching me, eventually bystanders join in, my corpse is beheaded by the cap and beaten to the point its not even worth trying to revive me.
Sorry if I missed any details.

John actually put a list together of all the shit that happened this shift.

  • AI validhunting their ass off, even if it went against their laws (“Uphold the law” but arresting a head of staff without a perma-worthy crime being committed isnt upholding it)
  • AI shitting on Captain for being new even after the Captain told them they were new
  • AI opened AI upload turrets on the Captain, then made a big announcement in all caps saying the captain is incompetent and needs to be replaced (not far from the truth since the cap doesnt know how to charge as an Ethereal)
  • Captain didnt secure disk until 30 minutes in
  • Secborg synced to the AI thought AI was malf and asked how they were gonna take over the station
  • AI did not pay any attention to their borgs and told them to just “fuck off” and leave them alone all round
  • Mediborg asked for medibeams 20 minutes in
  • CharlieStation was doing research that they didnt even need (Including Clown tech)
  • HoP had sechuds and was arresting people
  • HoP and Captain tried to murder the CE, even after the CE non-lethally stunned them twice and explained to them the situation while asking them to stop, HoP/Cap ignored them and opened lethals as soon as they got back up both times
  • Captain/AI/HoP arrested the CE for “being a seth tider” and fined them 1000 credits
  • Non-antag Engineer greytided AA
  • Non-antag Janitor had a laser gun and opened it on the HoP in the halls, then called them “corrupt” when they got arrested over it
  • Xenobio sentient mob flooded
  • CMO rushed gamer defib without any confirmed threats
  • Shaft miner got to the station with their mining loot to validhunt, kill, and gib the contractor

Holy shit those are some horrible command (except you obviously)

I was the RD in this round. Perhaps my perspective can be of some help.
As far as the relationship between the AI and the Captain is concerned, Captain seemed unfamiliar with the workings on the bridge, while the AI seemed to suppose that certain knowledge was obvious or necessary to have picked up at one point or another. Turning off turrets to upload being an example.

Late in the shift, everybody got more and more stressed, because we lacked interdepartmental coordination. This could’ve been done by either the AI or the Captain. The AI was very busy dealing with delta station, where the Ghost Spawners illegaly researched, to my personal frustration. The Captain on the other hand was new to that Job. He did stress that more than once.

As to the List by John, I can confirm that many of those points did happen. Concerning the Xenobio-Flood, that was done by my departement and I was too slow to act. I had shift start ordered the creation of creatures for the vault. Since i was in my office for the most part, researching stuff, I didn’t realize their threat level. I did order them back once it was made clear to me and my staff carried that order out to the best of their ability.

In the last stages of the shift, where it felt, like command had effectively collapsed, around the time the blob arrived (and was killed) I encouraged the CMO to expel trespassers aggressively. From their comms in command, I gathered that sec didn’t help them, and they had been attacked by contractors, quite often, so I gave permission to my roboticists to kill two traitors with contractor gear. They still had armed mechs from the Blob Fight.

I accept any consequences, that may come to me from my decisions. I hope some of this helps sort this out.
Ultimately, I think the main reason for this shift collapse was inexperienced command paired with a very high tide.

I wasnt there long enough to see any of this, I late joined, got almost immediately lynched and left.

I can’t talk from mod point of view, especially since I am party involved in this, so here is my side of story:

Captain and AI argued on comms, with AI making announcements about capt, told them to stop.
Captain was new and inexperienced apparently, can’t blame, we all have to learn at some point.
What I garnered from Command Comms and was unnacceptable for me tho, was the impression that Jed got killed simply for saying “Hey Hey People” when he arrived on the accusation of being a SsethTider and revolutionary.

This has been taken care of.