Grief Patrol- Kill bubble, get soulscythe stolen, They say "Seethe"

Byond Account: TheHomoHippo
Character Name(s):Homes Hippo
Discord Name:TheFatDog#
Round ID:17007
Griefer IC name: Henry-The-Question
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: During the round I had killed Bubblegum, As I killed him I Took to many Medipens and began to overdose, I grabbed the loot and ran back to the base. I yelled for help and went into crit. as I went into crit I dropped my Soulscythe. After some healing at medbay I went back to the mining station. I found that my scythe was gone. I asked in mining channel who took my scythe. I then asked the other miners and they said they saw an assistant run off possibly with it, I tracked the person they mentioned and found that they didn’t have it. they were in a stasis bed so I took them back to the mining station.

 I saw that the escape shuttle had landed at the station. So I went onto the escape shuttle. In the shuttle and saw that someone had my soulscythe. I confronter them about it and they said "Seethe". this really pissed me off so after some self debate I used my staff of lava to put lava under their seat and quickly closed it. ( this was very irresponsible of me, but I would like to note how pissed of I was at the time). I then attacked them after the round had ended but that was post-round.

  They were a traitor but from looking at their objectives the soulscythe wasn't used to complete their objectives. As the only murder type objective they didn't complete nor did I see them even attempt to complete it using the Scythe. I would also add that theft isn't a big deal but I think this deserves a special look. This was my first time getting the soulscythe in a public server ( they didn't know this) but it helped to piss me off. As well The Scythe is extremely hard to acquire and I doubt that even if they had the incentive and the time to get the scythe, that they would have been able to get it. This adds to the value of the Scythe as well as their being only one scythe (without admin intervention).
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The patrol has been dealt with.