Grief Patrol: Killed and send to disposial by a non-antag Mime

Byond Account: BebeYoshi
Character Name(s): Isadora Pereira
Discord Name: Nishimori Yusa#3073
Round ID: 14863
Griefer Byond account: I don't know
Griefer Byond name: Red [Something] (Mime)
What happened: 

Roundstarts and I go to the clown’s room to buy a mask from their vendor, I didn’t ask permission for that so I thought the clown and the mime would escalate that somehow but nothing happened so I got it and went to do my things, later in the round I had to go AFK and returns dead in disposials, after seeing the chat I was beaten to death by the mime and thrown there.
Assuming they were a traitor I didn’t ahelp it and I got revived later in the round and never saw them again and to my surprise their name wasn’t in the round end log. Sadly I didn’t expect that so I have no screenshots of anything said.

Investigated and handled, thanks for the report!