Grief Patrol - Lawbreaking AI my side of story

Byond Account: exymian

Character Name(s): Murderer der Childeren

Discord Name:Exymian#9483

Round ID: 11410

Griefer Byond account: Battlecreeper

Griefer Byond name: S.H.O.N.A.H

What happened: I was a murderboning wizard, the ai had reporter lawset. It kept telling my location to people, bolting me down, closing a firelock on me and kept opening doors into places where i was where i eventually died this way.

Yes hello, the topic was locked so I couldn’t write my response to this. So I had to open up a new topic.

Alright, so first and formost as this has been now a few days ago and I do not keep memory of everything. My lawset was not standard Reporter lawset. I had an additional lawset, wich was Law 1 : Bravery causes harm.

The rest were reporter lawset, now going on about what has happen and that I was lawbreaking the AI I am going to defend myself against it and deny such slander upon me. The player has clearly stated that he was a full on murderboning wizard, throwing fireballs left and right and well being a murderbone. That’s fine and all, fun aswell. Thou to consider the fact that, if you are a murderboning wizard. You will cause a LOT of chaos and with that I mean A VERY LOT of chaos. So amongst the part of trying to prevent the crew from fighting and engaging against you, same as my own borgs were not trying to engage you.

I feel that the report over an accident of an firelock upon your head while you were causing mass destruction in your surrounding is a complete pathetic excuse of lawbreaking. As I had prevented any kind of harm by bolting down doors or containing fire you’ve caused during the round as an AI. You accuse me over the lack of incompetence that I’ve witnessed by removing your own wizard helmet and therefor denying your access to cast your spells. It was not my reason for your death nor can you blame for something like that. If you attempt to slander me and get me AI job banned, just because you were salty that you had suffered the consequences of your own mistake by removing your own headgear that was neccessary for you to cast any spell then I’m sorry to dissapoint you. I’m not going to take this report on the easy shoulder and let you having one salty bad luck round be shifted on me as to blame for your failure.

Hello, I have moved your report to the most appropriate forum section. This post should be intended towards staff, rather than the person who reported you. I will unlist this post to avoid unnecessary drama and an admin will look at it at some point.

Also to the admin looking into this, it’s a note appeal. I asked them to file a staff report if my note on them was incorrect.

Most roundstart lawsets don’t actually allow you to kill (or facilitate someone else killing) antags. Reporter is one of these lawsets. By helping sec kill the wizard, you were breaking your laws. The note was applied correctly. Please file a staff report next time you want to appeal a note.