Grief Patrol Luvni Khunrath shoots me to crit which later kills me for seemingly no reason

Byond Account: Madsenanders

Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris

Discord Name: kk (not in your discord

Round ID:11457

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: Luvni Khunrath

What happened: I got promoted to RD by HoP. I was in RD’s office. In walks “captain” who turned out to be Luvni Khunrath with stolen captains spare ID. Luvni shoots me to crit with a shotgun which later kills me. Luvni was a traitor and had two kill objectives, Mehmed an atmospheric Technician, and Lyzard, an assistant. I don’t see how shooting me to crit in my own office helped towards this goal at all.

Looking into this.

After investigation, I found that Luvni had subverted the AI in order to help them with their objectives. You had noticed and locked borgs down plus were threatening to detonate them. Immediately after critting you, they unlocked borgs so they could help with their objectives again. I would say this falls in line with our antag policy since unlocking the borgs directly furthered their objectives and they needed to crit you in order to do that. They also didn’t kill you/hide your body so Antag Policy 1.2 applies here.