Grief Patrol: Maz Ah

Byond Account: 00petar00

Character Name(s): Ordinary (Role Clown)

Discord Name: Petar

Round ID: 11033

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: Maz Ah (Role CMO)

What happened:
This happened 3-4 mnutes before round ended.
This was a cult round and both of us were crew.

I pushed Maz Ah onto the table so he dropped his baton and flash and i picked up the flash and tried to run, he started chasing me so i tried to flash him since i wanted him to stop.
I just want to mention that i didn’t do physical harm to him at all,i wasn’t on harm intent.
He managed to hit me with his baton and put me into stamcrit and decided to beat me to crit while keeping to stamcrit so i couldn’t move, since no one helped me i died.

He couldn’t have permission to kill me there from captain, as it happened so quick.

All taken care of!