Grief Patrol: Meta-Grudge electric boogaloo pt2 staring DENNIS ELDERSON!

Byond Account: viacell

Character Name(s):
[The good]: Gene, Cinna Monk
[The bad]: Dennis Elderson, Brody Cooper

Discord Name: Millie#2275

Round ID: 11116

Griefer Byond account: N/A (Character name was: Dennis Elderson)

Griefer Byond name: N/A

What happened: Pre-context, this guy was in a straight jacket the previous round and got mad at me and Enrico Pucci, calling us shit sec and I tried helping him, trying to get him to tell me where his stuff was so I can give it to him, he just broke IC/OOC and tried blackmailing us with Admin action.

Now in round 11116: Dennis got chosen to be a warden and allowed me to clean Perma, I was then attacked by a prisoner named. “Brody Cooper”. After Brody Cooper attacked me and I ran constantly, he tried lighting me on fire, in which failed and lit himself on fire, because of that, he died after i fought back, with the accumulated damage he went into crit and died. Dennis then came back and claimed I had murdered Brody, and tried to keep me in Perma and harass me. HoS ordered that he not and let me go free, Dennis then IC/OOC and says that HoS and I are friends (we are not). Dennis ignores HoS’s orders and tries arresting me again and taking me to Perma. He then calls HoS and idiot and gets demoted. Cinna Monk was the acting HoS at the time and helped me not get game ended.

Hopefully, there isn’t a part 3 electric boogalooaloo and that this petty quarrel ends here. For part 1, more context can be found in criticism in the discord.

Be me a, detective
security vanquished and losing air and pressure in sec
see straightjacketed Dennis Elderson. claiming to have lost all his belongings and breaking ic/ocky
calls me and rest of sec for being a shitter and bad
look around for whoever jacketed this person
find nobody
let him go
ask where his belongings are
Dennis Elderson breaks IC/OOC way more, trying to blackmail Pucci and I
refuses to answer when I ask where his belongings are
Try to reason with Dennis Elderson and say that I’m trying to help him
get told off and threatened with “I’m calling admin” IC
What a day to be alive, thank you Dennis Elderson for being incredibly rude to me when I tried helping you.

(Text above is from criticisms, where the meta grudge began)

Thank you for reporting we take this kind of thing very seriously.