Grief Patrol: Miner blows up the mining shuttle 4+ times and spaces me

Byond Account: GrassyLands
Character Name(s): Ronald Todd
Discord Name: thesky#5019
Round ID: 11391
Griefer Byond account: dunno
Griefer Byond name: Aleixar Castel

What happened:
Aleixar is a changeling shaft miner.
I’m a shaft miner.
Aleixar doesn’t have me as the target, doesn’t have miners as their target.
Goes and gibtonite bombs the mining shuttle anyways. 4 over times. Not even sure how many more times they did it.
At the 4th time however, I decided, “Fuck it, time to find the fucker who’s blowing up the mining shuttle.”
I find Aleixar next to a freshly blown up shuttle, no one in sight. Assuming he’s the one who did it, I say “SO IT WAS YOU”, or something along those lines.
They engage on me with their PKA mounted knife, I retaliate accordingly, they manage to get me into the public shuttle and unfortunately, I get spaced.
I floated in space for a good 10 minutes before I die from luxpen overdose and end up at the Charlie Station, where the rest of the round was spent waiting to get revived, which I did, before getting killed by a singulo (unrelated grief but I don’t care about that one)
Thus ends the chronicles of: Ronald the Unrobust gets Griefed in Lavaland by a shitter ling.
Stay tuned for more, probably not, I’m lazy to write grief patrols.

Dealt with, thanks for the report!