Grief Patrol: Murderbone

Byond Account: Exymian

Character Name(s): Mehmed

Discord Name: exymian#9483

Round ID: 11859

Griefer Byond account: Gangster Mime

Griefer Byond name: 90KG

What happened:

He was a changeling. Killed me first as an atmosian and took my identity which is fine i guess because he needed poly but then he went on and killed Dorian Knob in SM for no reason, he got spotted killing him so he turned into him and then he went and tried to kill CE. He could have easily hacked into CE’s office and he was a hulk so i don’t really know what he was going for.
EDIT: I forgot to specify that he spaced both of our corpses.

I want to add to this that it isn’t the first time he had murderboned, in the previous round (11729 most likely), which was a rev round in which he committed multiple acts of RDM including destroying me (G-Epsilon) out of the blue and hiding my carcass in evac despite me being a non-subverted cyborg (there was a subversion attempt, but the law saying that we should protect organics came before the one where we should target all heads, and only heads so he wasn’t even influenced by it) and him being a non-rev, non-mindshielded mime.

You were a ling objective and another ling had already taken your appearance. This is completely legitimate.