Grief Patrol: Murderboned by a changeling

Byond Account:yinnopiano
Character Name(s): kosaki
Discord Name: kosaki#0001
Round ID:13132
Griefer Byond account: MouskiBro
Griefer Byond name: Pommel the Mime , Blythe Smith (their stolen identity)

What happened: I was going patrolling the station to kill rogue hunter spiders, I ended up in engineering to see whats up. After entering engineering lobby I walked down towards the SM, a botanist then randomly came up to me and stun batoned me. After I was stunned they pulled out their armblade & stabbed me to death and then absorbed me. Right after this they went to chapel and did the same thing to Kai Langston. No interaction was ever made between us, I latejoined 10 minutes previously so I know I wasn’t a target.

This was my first game of the day & I was looking forward to a fun round. Oh well!

Thanks for the screenshot! Made this a lot easier to do. Taken care of- thanks!