Grief Patrol: Non-antag "Intern" Paramedic explodes random people (15411)

Byond Account: GrassyLands
Character Name(s): Ronald Todd
Discord Name: theysky#5019
Round ID: 15411
Griefer Byond account: dunno
Griefer Byond name: Aniyah Oneal
What happened:

be me
be in escape shuttle
holy fuck what was that
there’s a breach in the shuttle
lucky i have space adapt and self resp, right?
talks to aniyah about the ongoing trit flood thats also happening in the shuttle
“WhY?” they repeat
“whaddya mean why”

Pics Related

Checking this. They may have been detonating multiple people.

They most likely were the cause of the many explosions that people called “chestbursters that cause hullbreaches ahh there’s xenos on board”.

Dealt with. Thank you for this report. We caught them doing the same thing the following round.