Grief patrol number one billion

Byond Account: GetDomed
Character Name(s): phyllis Hoopengarner
Discord Name: Big Guy#3122
Round ID: 13510
Griefer Byond account: dunno
Griefer Byond name: Buys-The-Shotgun (warden) and Zion Duncan (HoS)
What happened:

I was the Comms Agent for this round, I was watching all of this unfold on cams.

Mister Zion and Buys along with three unidentified sec officers went to perma to put a new prisoner inside, when they couldn’t figure out how to use the disposal chute to put mister Marvin Mildred inside, they opened the door and threw him in. This is when The Honkenstein, who was likely falsely imprisoned, went out the door and started attacking the officers with a baton he somehow had gotten. The officers along with the warden and HoS put the clown into crit but continued to kick and hit him until he died, then used a spear to behead him.

Literally only a few minutes later, Mr. Buys went back to the perma cell, where Marvin was, Marvin was still in his handcuffs and presumably ssd (i cant examine on cams). Buys entered the cell, grabbed Marvin and brought him to the gulag teleporter where he beat him to death and cut his head off with a spear without execution approval. Buys would go on to dismember the rest of Marvin’s corpse and display his head on a spear inside his office.

Zion contributed to the execution of mister honkenstein, not trying to stop his officers and never got captain approval.

Buys-The-Shotgun said on radio that he wanted to kill the prisoners before this scene because they ‘weren’t worth the effort’

Right before fulp shit itself, TheA1ternative, who was handling this at the time, told me that buys said marvin attacked him.

This might be true, but any assault happened long before Marvin’s untimely death. I watched with my own eyes:

Marvin being thrown into perma in cuffs
sec kill the honkenstein
and watched as buys returned shortly after to kill Marvin.

Later on in the round (~5-8 minutes) Zion printed some incendiary shotgun slugs for his shotgun, while not entirely outlandish, he proceeded to shoot a detained criminal of which was in cuffs and being pulled by an officer. In doing so he somehow managed to not only light his target ablaze, but himself and one other bystander. Zion would go on to accidentally light himself and others on fire in the remainder of the round.

This round was horrible for other reasons but these were the only scenes I have evidence of rulebreaks for.

Also if possible I’d appreciate more than ‘It’s been dealt with’. I understand if you can’t/don’t want to say more than that but

On a side note; I’m almost certain that sec arrested the honkenstein because they thought he had a stand, but after killing him, his body did not turn into dust. Honkenstein was eventually revived, but his body sat in the holding cell for severel minutes and in several pieces before anyone put the pieces together. I also heard from someone else that they killed two clowns while hunting the traitor clown, but I didn’t witness the second mystery clown being killed.

Double side note: both of these guys are inept at their roles, more so buys. Zion isn’t entirely incompetent but I mean; it did take him like two entire minutes to figure out that the honkenstein wasn’t the stand user.

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Dealt with, appropriate actions have been taken.
Thanks for taking the time to write a grief report.