Grief Patrol: RD decides they want to work for Clown Ops

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Bitch SuperMagnet
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 13090
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Oliver Oliver Justin
What happened:

TLDR: RD declares allegience to clown ops and vows to assist them in any way possible. Vows to kill other heads of staff.

I get my laws changed constantly this game (by acting captain HoP) up until clown ops arrive (to which they’re reset to asimov). During this time I had a lawset that had me “treat others how I wish to be treated + I wish people were nicer to me” ontop of obeying the current acting captain as a hidden law.

RD wants to check my laws, rather standard. Aside from the fact that HoP (acting captain) sends me a quick PDA message to not let anyone into my sat except for themselves.

RD arrives at my sat, they yell “Open” and I yell “No!”. He yells the same thing and I reply back. We continue this for about 5 minutes even past the point an actual captain arrives.

RD then starts attacking my sat door with a fire extinguisher. Considering my lawset says to treat people how I wish to be treated but not specifying to NOT do harm I shock the door. I tell him “Bad, that hurts! How would you like it if I started hitting YOUR front end?” With this lawset I just wanted him to stop hitting me ;_;

RD then starts throwing the fire extinguisher at my door to which I just reply “Ow!” loudly over command comms every time it hits my door. RD then leaves and states he’s going to kill the AI over science radio, I snitch and tell command this. Command is not happy with RD.

HoP realizing this was a bad idea to give me such laws+orders resets me to asimov. RD is locking my borgs and command is telling him not to do that. Suddenly the clown ops show up (was was not declared beforehand).

RD starts being very antagonistic and starts pledging to help the clown ops. He continues on saying he’ll help the clown ops as much as he can and wants the station nuked. He’s actively encouraging the death of everyone on this station. Seeing as how fail RP this is and he has now labelled himself as being for the syndicate, I bolt him in his office and shut off his consoles so he cannot be of any further danger to the crew (as he stated his intentions are to enable/allow harm multiple times). I ahelp regarding this, Hugo confirms this is a fail rp for our MRP standards.

Hugo messages them. Says to me that they talked and the RD should stop acting this way from now on. I’m about to message Hugo back asking if I should free the RD but Hugo logs off. No admins are on at this point.

I assume that “alright, he was talked to, he should be calm by now and I’ll let him out.” This does not happen at all. Oliver Oliver Justin merely doubles down once Hugo is offline and spouting pro-syndicate rhetoric and how he’ll give the clown ops anything they want.

Eventually he convinces a roboticist to let him out of his bolted office. During this the acting captain (captain died) calls for his execution. to which we get this exchange as the RD b-lines it for the armory to get weapons to kill the remaining heads with:

So does that mean i can kill you too?
So can i kill the other heads or was that a joke HOP?

Which leads to this exchange:


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Yeah I had to log off, I thought Oliver wouldn’t do it again but seems like I was wrong

Dealt with this one too, thanks for reporting