Grief Patrol: Robusted against a table for no reason

Byond Account:CrudeWax

Character Name(s):Genadiy Boildeggov

Discord Name:CrudeWax

Round ID:10887

Griefer Byond account:No idea

Griefer Byond name: in-game name “Yellow fin” cook

What happened: I asked “are you competent” at the begging of the round, wondering if he needs any help. He attacked me and I wondered for what, later he slammed me against a table repeatedly shouting “COOK”. My pleads were ignored by sec staff, and HoP only said "be nice to each other.
This man got me to near-critical health before I was able to get away, since he pulled me in each time I’d try, literally nobody decided to stop him.

Looking into it
EDIT: Sorted, thanks for the report!