Grief Patrol: Sec beat up award-winning mime, then beat up others next round

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Pierre The Anti-Premarital Sex Mime
Discord Name: @TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 12845 (And 12846 for Ethan Baum only)
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Simon Kemerer, Ethan Baum
What happened:

:large_blue_diamond: Simon Kemerer The Detective, Round 12845, Part 1: :large_blue_diamond:

Space coin machine spawns. Myself, captain (Rick Hick) and others start wailing on it. Simon sets me to arrest for attacking the space coin machine siphoning funds because he thinks said machine is NT property. I am given a medal for such efforts as seen below:

Beepsky some time after the machine is destroyed stuns and cuffs me. Simon tells sec around him to watch out and claims I’m a criminal. Once a security officer grabs me they check my bag and check my arrest details, soon realizing why I was arrested and letting me go. I ahelp zzzmike and tell him to tell said detective that said machine is not illegal to wail on and he relays the message (as I genuinely wanted him to learn about it).

I decide to dedicate the round to getting him demoted or fined for his actions, thinking it’ll go nowhere and giving me something to do as a mime. I print flyers explaining the situation, saying I was given an award for my efforts and the detective set me to arrest despite having captains approval. I post the flyers on the doors of security to garner attention to it. Detective makes snarky remarks saying it won’t happen but I press on. Wardens tell me to contact captain about this (who tells me he’s high on crack) so I return back to the brig to tell the wardens.

Later I get a box of crayons and begin to write “DEMOTE SIMON KEMERER FROM SEC” outside his detective office. That’s when Ethan Baum comes in…

:large_blue_diamond: Ethan Baum The Security Officer, Round 12845, Part 1: :large_blue_diamond:

Just as I finish the K in Kemerer, a security officer without warning tries to flash me. He fails as I was given sunglasses by the HoP. He then proceeds to harmbaton me on the spot when I’m not moving or resisting arrest in any way shape or form.
image image image

I seemed extremely confused by this, I had thought the arrest on me was cleared but here I am on arrest having not done anything. I continually apply I have no idea what is going on or why I needed to be harm-battoned to be subdued. Ethan then decides to check the records while he has me cuffed. He claims I was wanted for “littering” and claims he’ll “get the cap” to give me the death penalty for “littering”, a crime I did not commit. He even expresses he should have been HARSHER.


He then strips me of my bag and runs around with me in a circle, drinking from my bottle of nothing while taunting me on the spot instead of putting me in the cell (for a crime I never committed).
He fully strips me of all my items after another sec observes him and asks what he’s doing.


Chloe (whom I talked to earlier about the detective) frees me a minute later and realizes I was harm-batonned and set to arrest for “littering”. I decide to break my vow of silence because at this point I don’t have a pen and paper and needed to truly explain what was going on. Ethan at this point leaves brig to go elsewhere, he hid my bag away from the open so I could not re-obtain it (later he constantly said he didn’t know where it was or that he gave it to someone named mike, refusing to return the bag).

:large_blue_diamond: Simon Kemerer The Detective, Round 12845, Part 2: :large_blue_diamond:

I explain to Chloe Demons (Warden) what had happened and suspect Simon was behind me being set to arrest. Simon sees me talking and tries to run from the brig. Eventually Chloe and the other Warden call Simon to come to the brig and explain his side of the story.

He at first mentions he doesn’t know why I was set to arrest or why I was here. He then slips up and mentions that I was set to arrest for littering by him. When asked to explain his definition of “littering” was, he points to the doors where I put flyers up asking for his demotion. He actively admitted to setting me to arrest because I lawfully put up flyers asking for his demotion. Even the rest of security points out that this isn’t littering nor is it arrest worthy.

The wardens shocked by this ask him to surrender his ID, to which he spews insults and takes out his gun infront of me asking us what he thinks of all this. He then proceeds to bludgeon himself with the gun and tries to run away from the wardens who eventually subdue him and throw him in a cell. Eventually shuttle is called, not enough time to get Ethan to pay for his crimes. I tell zzzmike that I’m going to write a forum post on this unless this is handled to which he tells me he’ll chime in later to post something should I do so, so here we are See addendum.

:large_blue_diamond: BONUS!!! Ethan Baum The Security Officer, Round 12846: :large_blue_diamond:

I hit “observe” to write this grief patrol. One minute into the round I see Ethan harm-batonning 3 people in chemistry! The chemist and two visitors all confirmed they were there on the invitation of the chemist. He continued to harm baton and apprehend one of them anyways.
image image image

By the way, Ethan claims later he “did no such thing” in regards to harmbatoning in this above images, but you can clearly see in the screenshot the man was harm-batonned as he had less health.

Addendum: I spoke with zzzmike whom I mentioned earlier. He misunderstood my initial ahelp when it came to Ethan “threatening” me and I misunderstood him in thinking he would comment here. Double miscommunication on our parts.

After the round I learned that apparently Ethan WAS talked to during 12845 when I ahelped on harm-batonning and fully stripping people for minor crimes. I would have deleted all that I wrote about Ethan from this grief patrol (as since he was talked to, I consider that “handled”), but am leaving it in because he goes ahead and does it AGAIN at roundstart for the literal next round (12846).

So clearly he didn’t learn anything from the bwoink in the previous round.

Pierre the anti-premarital sex mime is crying from the baton wounds over littering.


I didn’t even litter, rest of security had confirmed this.

for Ethan, I’d like to bring up their ock icking from earlier today (which in my broken schedule means yesterday). I dont have a round ID, but Rick and I were Technophile Chaplains trying to augment people, then a whole series of events happened that ended up getting us set to arrest.
They then said over Security comms;
“Contractors”, “Well willard and hick are”, “Also they’re metacomming so have fun arresting them”
Then later, they again repeated what they said earlier once we finished our brig timers;
“Some dank metacomming going on lmao”, “Get out of the brig”

He did not use harmbaton once during 12846. I am marking this grief patrol as resolved.

It appears he did not in fact harm baton him but shoved him into a glass table instead which is where he was damaged. The actual incident in the round before was handled by a staff member during the round.