Grief Patrol: Self-antag Mass Murderboning Paramedic

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Victor Vahn
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 10687
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Leila Soul

What happened:

Leila Soul the paramedic constantly tries to steal security gear from brig, enters perma almost illegally to “heal” permabrig prisoners. Steals ears from Tristan Ratcliff the prisoner instead. The prisoner kept complaining their ears got stolen and they couldn’t hear.

They didn’t even tend Tristans wounds when they were doing “surgery” on him, they used sutures/regenerative meshes and claimed the surgery they were doing was for their wounds despite it being for clearly their ears and that they were using sutures/regenerative meshes instead.

When apprehended about the ears in his bag (after he stole a flash twice) he claims the ears in his bag were from a “dead” body and that the permabrig prisoner was lying. This was clearly false as Tristan (the prisoner) still had an unfinished surgery on his head from when he had his ears removed. I wanted to start a surgery on their head but it said that I still had one in progress, further proving that there was a surgery done TO the head to remove ears.

I then re-inserted the ears via surgery and the paramedic complained that I was not doing my job as a lawyer and that I was committing fail-rp despite the fact he was pot calling the kettle black as they weren’t doing THEIR job either. Rather they did the exact opposite of their bare minimum task of treating people (along with powergaming to steal gear from sec).

Round fulped inbetween here but most people managed to reconnect to the round still ongoing and intact. So while I ahelped it I got no reply on it because of the fulp moment. Later he gets apprehended by security and permabrigged. Thought this would be the end of it and resolved via IC and not needing further intervention.

He then later staged a prisonbreak and actively killed the remaining security staff inside (with the rest of the prisoners also murderboning with him) while most of the rest of sec were dying/dead to xenomorphs.

Since was a xenomorph bus round from slig, no other antags were present other than a revenant. Leila Soul had zero reason to powergame steal security gear, steal organs from living unconsenting players and had addionally no reason to mass murderbone security staff after staging a prisonbreak.

Dealt with, thanks for the report!