Grief Patrol: Shitter Medical Borg removes my arms and sets me on fire on purpose

Byond Account: HugoOdaX
Charater Name(s): Akena (In this case I was a machine cult leader named Charlotte Price)
Discord Name: HugoOdaX#3272
ROUND ID:11149
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Medical Android-649
So, I was an Omnissiah Cultist, I made a borg and told him to do augmentation surgery on me, I ask him if he knows how to sugery first, he responds Yes, so I trust him and I let him do the surgery. He seems very incompetent to the point where its suspicious, I tell him hes doing it wrong but refuses to listen and ends up amputating my two arms. When I ask him to replace them he goes outside, gets to the lava and sets me on fire saying that “He thought there was a monster in the lava” when we clearly were inside of the surgery area. He kept refusing to put my arms back, so I had to ghost and come back with another cultist to kill it because no admins were online to deal with it.

Sorted it out, thanks for the report