Grief Patrol: Shitter would rather assault over using basic speech + other testimonies of absolute shittery such as AA and prison break

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Victor Vahn
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 10199
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Ra’Zak Heiden

What happened:

AI said borgs were shocking doors and were malf, asked one of the 5-6 RDs to LOCK ALL BORGS over command radio. I lock them all down as some people on radio seem to constantly complain about borgs and AI so it adds up.

Ra’Zak Heiden with the custom role of “The Professor” barges in with a telescopic baton and hits me. I try to flee the scene as I’m unsure if he’s about to kill me and he stands infront of the console I was on. He then says “borgs good” (as he unlocks them) and I respond with something along the lines of “could you use your words first instead of hitting me over it? I would’ve trusted your word had you not hit me”.

I then decide to re-lock borgs and tell him over PDA that he would not be welcome to un-lock them as he proven himself hostile after he hit me with a baton instead of using his words. He replied “idiocracy at work” to which I tell him I would’ve been more than happy to keep borgs unlocked had he USED HIS WORDS first instead of trying to assault me. I guard the RD consoles, round ends with shuttle arriving at CC as I stay in my RD office. Low and behold the people yelling over common radio and COMMAND radio were right as one borg WAS malf.

But it doesn’t end there…

I went to vent my frustration in #criticisms in discord and got word that he broke into SEVERAL offices and even let perma prisoners out. Reading this inspired me to make the grief patrol and I encourage those who were in that round to come forward with more information on this guys shittery

AI reported perma let out, saw him assissting likteer when i had arrested him

Broke inside RD office too as HoP. Gave himself AA most likely.

There was a bureaucracy error event altough.

Ah he was the HoP so that makes sense, yeah people were complaining that he gave himself AA (over command and common radio) despite the fact we had a captain and ended the round with THREE captains. And if you’re saying he broke in before then when he broke in to assault me, it wasn’t his first break-in.

So he had no reason to do that, people in OOC chat and on public chat on discord were asking if what he did was powergaming (to which it is, its the prime example listed on our rules page).

This has been looked into and taken care of. Really, thank you for reporting them.