Grief Patrol: V.A.L.I.D. and Bismuth XLIII

Byond Account: KyriosArchelon

Character Name(s): Palo Oenothera

Discord Name: Archelon

Round ID: 9683

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: V.A.L.I.D. and Bismuth XLIII

What happened:
In the last third of the shift, as a blob was announced and confirmed, I as the RD, started researching techs that might help. Around the time where I announced, that x-ray-rifles are available at the sec lathe, a Janiborg, V.A.L.I.D. enters my office with a Plasmacanister and causes a plasmafire. He then escapes with my dead body into space, far away from any resuce.

The Roundendreport showed, that he was subverted by Bismuth XLIII, who was an Traitor but only had the objective to steal the Reactive Teleport Armor and the Blackbox, either of which he could’ve done without killing and especially plasmaflooding me, as I was visibly not wearing any armor, only my winter coat.

Taken care of.

Not locked