Grief Patrol: Warden pepper-sprays person a ridiculous amount of times for no reason

Byond Account: TheA1ternative

Character Name(s): Victor Vahn

Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004

Round ID: 9858

Griefer Byond account: ???

Griefer Byond name: Alanna Wile

What happened:

Curator round, I ask for maint access to get materials from abandoned bar to make library into a chill jazz bar. During the round I had several random people act creepily towards me, threaten me and just act generally hostile. I acted in self defense against a geneticist using telekinesis to attack me with bats. I robusted him for the attack and took him to medical. I confiscated his stolen pepper spray and took it to security to be confiscated along with his genetic injectors. At this point with more people coming to me I decided to turn myself in for robusting that geneticist mostly for the reason that I had hoped they would provide me some security. I had the suspicion that I was someone’s target if enough crazy shmucks had threatened my life whether it be physically or verbally.

The security officer named Grady recognized me as I gave him the hulk injectors the geneticist had and the pepperspray he also (illegally) had. Grady was more than happy to take me into permabrig for my own protection. He searches my items and find barely much to incriminate me with aside from an unpowered beepsky baton. In comes Alanna Wile…

In the entrance doors to sec he peppersprays me. I asked why and so did Grady, I was willingly turning myself in, I even said “just cuff me, dont stun baton me”, as I actively was not resisting arrest. Before I even enter sec past the entrance doors I get sprayed again.

As I’m in sec brig area I get asked questions if IM SURE I want to be in the permabrig to which I say yes and get sprayed twice more by Alanna Wile. I believe I get sprayed an additional time while going to permabrig.

At permabrig we’re about to let me in to which he sprays me again and I try to run from him seeing as he’s about to do it more. I beg for Grady to stop him to which Grady at most tells him to stop and tries to bodyblock his sprays. He chases me to the execution room to which I tell him “NO”, “STOP” and “GO AWAY”. Alanna Wile’s responds with “come on” as they get closer and closer to me, meanwhile I’m clearly communicating that I do not consent to being sprayed more. I get sprayed again as I back myself into a corner and they run away and back to me again as if to bait me.

Not wanting to take any further blindness or abuse I attack Alanna Wile with a welder still in my pack to which I get robusted into crit from Alanna’s gripper gloves. I get placed on a stretcher and taken to the brig medical room and Alanna Wile stands a tile or two away. Grady and I clearly know what’s going on and I try to shoo Alanna Wile with a crowbar. Grady tells Alanna Wile to “stop baiting” as she keeps moving back and forth to try to spray me without either of us stopping them. Each time Alanna moves back and forth they try to act surprised with phrases like “woah” when I try to get them away from me. Sure enough, I get sprayed again (twice I think in that interaction too). I get put into a straight jacket by Grady and try to explain how this was completely unjust. Grady removes the straight jacket and says “if they try it again I’ll intervene”. While Grady still wanted to perma me I explained that my current goal is to get Alanna Wile demoted and away from me as I cannot be in proper safety with them around me, especially since they’d have full perma access where I cannot defend myself against them.

Sec goes through some riots IIRC and Alanna Wile appears barely concious in the warden area of the brig. I explain to HoS what happened to which the HoS states they aren’t surprised and simply moves Alanna Wile out of the brig.

Some revolts later and I help protect sec from hulk to which I get crit again taking most of the damage. Alanna Wile comes back detest the sec clearly not wanting Alanna there. He asks for his jacked back and I say no. Alanna Wile replies “a shame” and takes out their pepper spray again to which I prep to hit them away with a bat. I get robusted by Alanna Wile’s gripper gloves again and put ONCE AGAIN into crit (this one took the longest to heal out of) and as I’m being dragged I see HoS shoot Alanna Wile with a disabler. From this point on I do not see Alanna Wile again whether it be because they were forced out for good or they decided to catch shuttle.

Minutes later I get healed (at least out of crit). I decide to stay in brig (despite the arrival of shuttle) because I don’t want more bullshit to try to end my life considering how many times I was put into crit by Alanna Wile alone and among other attempts at my life. I hide in a room in brig, some more fuckery happens that’s not related to this report. Shuttle arrives at centcomm and round ends.

TLDR: Warden peppersprays me in the double digits amount of times and baits me to attack them on more than one occasion.

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Yeah this is fucked up. A 1 week ban for any security job at least, and a two day ban is needed here sadly i’m not a admin. But this clearly breaks the 2end server rule.

By the way, great story telling, and writing. You should really consider starting to write book or soming like that.

I didn’t WANT to write such a novel, nor did I want to be in this position in the first place. Truth is I didn’t want to leave out the important details. If I had added every single detail pertaining this then that post would’ve been 50-100%.

This man should not be playing sec if he’s going to constantly bait conflict. Doing this caused massive issues for the sec dept as a whole because a lot of the crew were protesting violently against sec for their injustice. No doubt he was a massive/the main contribution to that as most sec during that round were quite polite with me.

Alanna Wile is still playing sec, I see them in my current round (round ID: 9877) as of writing my post still playing warden.

I mean yeah, no admin has replied to this topic, or any topic for the past 14h, there probably offline right now, but hopefully they will come back soon. Only admin and head admin can do any thing about grief and appeals.

Just asked on discord, any staff member can handle grief patrols. Admins are the ones that handle ban appeals.

Umm, but even then a staff member still can’t ban/jobban any one I think, only admin have that power. Right, that’s why in all bans they have was applied by admin at then end?

But they can still request that a ban be applied. Again I think I am not a admin or mentor.

If they can’t do that, then why answer grief patrol reports at all?

Sorting this out now. Amelon360, if you don’t have anything to do with the report, we’d prefer if you didn’t comment.
EDIT: Sorted, thanks for the report!