Grief Patrol: Warden tries to give himself AA, lets man die. Says it's okay because he wasn't ling

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Bitch SuperMagnet
Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004
Round ID: 11747
Griefer Byond account: ISS 13 ASTRONAUT
Griefer Byond name: Mathon Nova

As the AI I saw Mathon Nova the Warden broke into the HoP office as warden during a ling round to give himself AA (self admits to it at end of round, see screenshot) and leaves an engineer dying on the floor. Being that the HoP office was broken into several times by lings, I was left to assume he was a ling, especially with the dying engineer in crit. We already had several untrained sec officers that were poorly dealing with proven changelings.

When sec came by to arrest him, he placed his ID moronically back into the HoP console to speedrun AA. I set his identification of his ID to “Prisoner” from Warden and swiftly logged him out of the HoP console, denying him from getting him AA as an AI (The HoP had also just never logged out of his console a lot and I was left to do it for him 6+ times, give him a note when you can).

I had presumed sec dealt with said warden as they apprehended him, searched him, and did not reinstate his access after they arrested him in the HoP office and had him in cuffs for quite some time. I was unsure why he was LEFT in the HoP office but he kept trying to use the HoP console (wasn’t watching that office all the time, I think he may have been moved out of it and hacked the doors to get back in).

I assumed he was a ling since no one responded to me asking about him and after the incident he was trying to give himself AA AGAIN. I left him locked in the HoP office as shuttle was arriving and we were dealing with several other confirmed lings (including one that was attacking my sat and my borgs). I would have LIKED for sec to explain things to me (or re-apprehend him) but unfortunately getting no reply from even a captain was commonplace that game.

At round end he goes on radio to yell about how I was wrong that he was a ling despite the fact that he left a man dying and was using the HoP console illegally to which he self admits in the screenshot below. Next round he complains in OOC which is how I have his Ckey.

While he argues I was in the wrong to keep him imprisoned indefinitely at shuttle call (would’ve loved to have sec properly escort him out) because he “wasn’t a ling”, that is still is not a valid reason to break into the HoP office, self admit to trying to get AA and leaving a man in critical condition in the same room.

OOC: ISS 13 ASTRONAUT: hos and ai stupid asses thought i was a ling

Pic in question:

This has been taken care of.