Grief Patrol - Wyatt Fuchs

Byond Account: Greniza
Character Name(s): In this round, I was Helixus, the AI.
Discord Name: Greniza
Round ID: 15361
Griefer Byond account: Unsure
Griefer Byond name: Unsure
What happened: That round, engineering was a catastrophe due to sabotage by internal sources, but the two main areas of focus were the Supermatter and Atmospherics, both of which are accessible by only atmospheric technicians. The Supermatter was often given sabotage-oriented gas mixes (Plasma-oxygen), plasma cans being hooked in. Atmospherics was plasmaflooded and set on fire. Plasma made its way into the distribution systems of the station.

Although I do not have concrete proof that he was the person that committed all these actions, Wyatt Fuchs is the main person I believe responsible. For one, all three other atmos techs were staff, and it would’ve required a lot more illicit access to do this sort of griefing. For two, Wyatt decided to hack into engineering storage at roundstart, and electrified the doors via wire-cut after acquiring insuls for himself; when confronted about it, he said over engineering chat something to the effect of “Whoops lol”. For three, he actively wrenched a canister filled with plasma into the SM; the canister was labeled as nitrogen, and he blamed me, the AI, for swapping out his mix. For four, when the SM was sabotaged for the final time, the reinforced plasmaglass to the SM was broken, as I had bolted all other methods of entry to the SM; Wyatt had taken the atmos fireaxe. Although I lack proof that Wyatt was directly and fully responsible for all of Engineering’s problems that round, he should definitely be the focal point of an investigation into the round.

Not gonna close this because I can’t be 100% sure without logging into the server, but I believe this was handled in-round.

This has been dealt with in round but thanks for doing the patrol, it was a serious issue.